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People policy

Eurocebollas is a family company whose mission is to satisfy the needs of its customers by offering a wide range of products adapted to the different cultures, formats and required specifications, with competitive prices and with the guarantee of the highest standards in quality and food safety.


The Eurocebollas project is largely the result of the work carried out by the Human Capital that we have. That is why we work to enhance the well-being of each and every one of those who make up Eurocebollas, seeking their commitment and excellence in each and every one of the operations carried out where customer satisfaction is the main objective.


The company's people management model works:

Pilares del modelo

• Offer stable jobs. 98% of the contracts are permanent.

• The balance between what you offer your employees with what is expected of them. GIVE / ASK.

• Professional development and talent management of its staff. 95% of the vacancies with greater responsibility are filled by internal personnel.


• Full integration of groups with limited capacities. It has a department focused exclusively on guaranteeing the integration and development of employees with limited capacity.

• Salary Equity: It works every day to guarantee equity among its staff and improve salary conditions.

• Transparency and Communication. We promote transparency and cascade communication, as an essential tool to achieve a committed and motivated workforce.

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