Our commitment is to apply nutritional criteria and avoid additives so that consumers can enjoy our tasty offer, while taking care of their health.


For this, we select healthier raw materials, of optimum quality. In addition, the biomass that we use from the pits of the olives, we use it as fuel for the boiler of the company and the ashes that are generated we want to use them as fertilizers in the fields.


Without forgetting the pleasure of authentic flavor, we care that our products are as healthy as possible.

Consumers show a growing concern for health and environmental issues. Eurocebollas takes into account the sustainability of the environment, seeking the balance between energy efficiency, social demands and the environment.

The construction of a safe, healthy and sustainable industry is a priority for our sector, as established in the Strategic Framework for the food and beverage industry. This goes beyond interest in improving efficiency and delves into the need to promote sustainable production and consumption.

Eurocebollas manages water in a sustainable way. Water is probably the main limiting factor for food production worldwide. Although we have managed to reduce its annual consumption by 6% compared to the consumption of the previous year, the Eurocebollas Department of the Environment is working to continue reducing consumption through the optimization of processes. On the other hand, the water generated during the production process is purified in its own installation, improving the quality of the final spills.

Otro de los objetivos que hemos llevado a cabo en Eurocebollas es seguir mejorando la eficiencia de los procesos y la reducción de emisiones de gases contaminantes que provocan el efecto invernadero y su calentamiento global. Queremos seguir siendo un referente en reducción y compensación de las emisiones producidas por nuestras tres principales fuentes de energía: Biomasa, Gasoil y Electricidad, ya que año tras año seguimos cumpliendo nuestros objetivos marcados en su disminución de consumo.

In addition, one of the most important rules of the company and that we carry out is the "Rule of 3Rs" to reduce, reuse and recycle. We separate each of the waste we generate, from paper, cardboard and plastic to scrap and organic waste. Since everything we do not recycle will accumulate in landfills for years causing serious damage to the environment, soil and water.

All these initiatives are born from the desire to achieve growth based on sustainable development in response to the firm commitment of the food and beverage industry to the environment, sustainability and society.

"The scope and policy of the integrated management system are available to all interested parties in the following email"


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