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Environmental commitment.

At EUROONIONS we take into account the sustainability of the environment, seeking a balance between energy efficiency, social demands and the environment.

This balance must be maintained so that the environment is not harmed by the constant changes in consumer demand, technology and legislation.


A general concern in all the processes of our company is to reduce the environmental impact and fulfill our social commitment while respecting the environment and promoting sustainability in production processes.

Need to promote sustainable production and consumption.

Our waste management system is based on the "Rule of the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" .

We reuse a large amount of production waste, using them to animal feed, which significantly reduces the amount of waste generated from our company.

Waste that cannot be reused is segregated and recycled. The wide variety of waste that we recycle ranges from cardboard and plastic, to scrap metal and wood, this way we achieve a reduction in the generation of common waste.


In our company we are very aware of the global problems in the management of common waste and its inevitable accumulation over years in landfills that cause serious damage to the environment, soil and water. That’s why, we try to reduce our impact on the planet.

Euroonions manages water in a sustainable way. Water is probably the main factor limiting food production around the world. EuroOnions' Environmental Department is working to continue reducing water consumption through the optimization of all processes. On the other hand, the water generated during the production process is purified in our facilities, thus improving the quality of the final discharges.

Another of the objectives that we have carried out at Euroonions is to continue improving the efficiency of processes and reducing emissions of polluting gases that cause the greenhouse effect and global warming. We want to continue reducing the emissions produced by our energy sources.


That is why one of our main sources of energy is renewable, since we obtain all the thermal energy from boilers that use biomass as fuel. In turn, a part of the ashes generated in the combustion process are used as fertilizer in our own fields.

"The scope, the policy of the integrated management system and the environmental and energy performance are available to all interested parties in the following email"

Food for

waste cattle

generated in production.

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Biomass of

olive pits.


ashes from olive pits.

Recycling 90% of

cardboard, plastics and metals.

100% debugging

of waste water.

Gas reduction


Reuse Recycling Reduction

All these initiatives are born from the desire to achieve growth based on sustainable development in response to the firm commitment of the food and beverage industry to the environment, sustainability and society.

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