EUROCEBOLLAS works every day in the development of new products and solutions as well as in improvements of current products, doing thousands of tests every year together with Marketing, Commercial and the customers themselves.

The Innovation Center has its own department, laboratories, sample preparation rooms working together with experienced chefs dedicated exclusively to the development of new products and the search for new ideas to always be at the forefront of culinary innovation.

R+D+I dedicates its efforts to the development of new products and processes (new manufacturing techniques, characterization studies in plants and varieties, continuous process control, study of eco-efficient measures, etc.) Therefore, it is important to knowledge of the manufacturing process, research methodologies and experimental design, new scientific advances and technological developments in its field, knowledge of legal requirements in food and environmental safety.

The tasks to be highlighted by the R + D + I Quality department are the following:

  • Analyze, evaluate and investigate improvements in existing products and new products.

  • Control of costs associated with new products, looking for the best options.

  • Continuous improvement of the products created.

  • Adaptation of products to legislation.

  • Contact with raw material suppliers.

  • Control and improvement of technological processes.

  • Correct environmental performance, referring to consumption, waste management, emission control, noise ...

  • Creating labels for new products or existing product labels for new customers.

  • Market study in the food sector.

  • Monitoring the acceptability of a new product in the market during the first three months of launch.

  • Development of the technical sheet of a new product.

  • File and documentation of new projects (whether successful or not).

  • Preparation of reports and documentation necessary for projects that require approval from official bodies.

  • Coordinate meetings with the commercial department to establish a new formula through comparative tastings, feedback on the opinion of customers regarding the product and the food market in general.

"The scope and policy of the integrated management system are available to all interested parties in the following email"


Technologies applied to the development of new products derived from onion.

MANIPULADOS DE CEBOLLAS Y DERIVADOS, S.L. The project "Technologies applied to the development of new onion products" has been successfully completed with the financial support of CDTI and the European Union through the R & D & I operational program by and for the benefit of the Companies.

Objective of the project:

The objective of the investment project has been the implementation of new production systems and equipment that allow increasing the establishment's productive capacity as well as improving the quality of the products the company produces.

Project execution location

Comunidad Valenciana

Execution time

From May 02, 2019 until February 28, 2020

The project budget


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