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Eurocebollas accelerates its growth and incorporates Nazca into its shareholding

Eurocebollas has added the Nazca Capital fund to its shareholders to boost its international growth and consolidate its leadership position in Spain.
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Euroonions gives entry to Nazca Capital, which will support its experience in growth projects to develop its international growth and consolidate its leadership position in Spain.

Eurocebollas , was founded in 1980 by the Alberola Vercher family, we are a benchmark in the market for the production of ready-to-use cooked onion as an ingredient for the food industry. In 2019, Eurocebollas reached a turnover of 21 million euros, experiencing growth of over 20% in the last two years, driven by the growing international expansion and the increase in share with existing and new clients in the national market, where we are leaders in the sector. The company, based in Alzira (Valencia), has clients in more than 25 countries (United Kingdom, France, Australia, USA, Canada or Russia, among others) and with a workforce of 170 employees, which has doubled in the last two years to cope with future growth.

Our objective is to carry out a growth plan taking into account our positioning as a leader in the natural ingredients sector with a differential product that allows us to collaborate, simplify and save costs in the cooking processes of our clients, and the positive trends in demand. of the prepared dishes. In order to carry out this project, the shareholders have strengthened us with the support of funds and Francisco Alberola, who will continue to lead the company, will rely on Nazca's seniority to strengthen its development.

Francisco Alberola , our shareholder and CEO, affirms that “with the incorporation of Nazca and the involvement of our 170 employees, we will promote our national and international expansion project in the market for natural ingredients and other products. Our partner will support us with a strategic vision and proven experience in growth projects and in strengthening the organization to be able to carry them out. "

For her part, Celia Pérez-Beato , head of the Nazca V Fund, has commented: “Eurocebollas is the fourth investment of the Nazca V Fund and meets all the requirements that we seek in an investment. It has a unique leadership position in the sector of natural onion-based ingredients, which has positive dynamics. "

At Eurocebollas we produce more than 160 different recipes for onions with different packaging (aseptic, heat-sealed and cans) that are kept at room temperature and are ready to use in your customers' recipes. Additionally, we are in the launch phase of other cooked natural ingredients such as garlic, aubergine, zucchini or pumpkin, as well as other cooked onion formats (dehydrated and frozen fried). We mainly go to the industry, although we also sell in other artisanal channels such as butchers, ready-to-eat food businesses, bakeries, food service and pile market. The brands from which we operate are Eurocebollas, El Pinche, El Chef and Venus.

Our facilities located in Alzira, have 100,000 m2, and process 80 million kilos of onions per year. In March 2021, the inauguration of the new 18,000 m2 facilities in Albacete with a cooling capacity of 4,000 m3 is scheduled, with an initial budget of € 3 million.

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