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We bet on the future

EUROCEBOLLAS has been committed to sustainability in its broadest meaning for years.
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Onion field in Valencia.

At EUROCEBOLLAS we work every day to reduce our footprint with the ecosystem, for this we work with renewable energies, biomass, reinforcing our commitment to the environment.


The tons of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere are quantified by our environment department and we compensate them with plans to return to the planet what we pollute. This helps us reduce our "carbon footprint".


In 2020 we expanded the treatment plant, which allows us to purify more water, with better parameters and with the security of not saturating it. We pour our water into a public channel, this implies that our water department has exhaustive controls on it, in addition to the controls of public administrations. Our sewage sludge is non-hazardous waste and since it comes from onion, it is organic matter and as such we use it as fertilizer for the earth.

With the remains of the onion, we have been authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture since 2010 to transport and distribute plant by-product for animal feed, contributing to the food chain.

We recycle more than 61% of the waste we generate, working with authorized and certified companies, guaranteeing the correct end of our waste.

In addition, our environment department continues to work continuously to continue improving at a sustainable level all aspects that may harm our planet.

Euroonions is aware

Our entire team is aware of the importance of these good practices, which is why we renew both the ISO 14001 for environmental management and the ISO 50001 for energy management with the company AENOR every year.

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