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Eurocebollas is a privately owned company delivering quality, cost saving solutions to Food Manufactures, QSR's, Food Service Operators and Retailers worldwide through their innovative Ready To Use (RTU) onion range.

Since their creation in 1980, Eurocebollas has had a commitment to constant improvement in their RTU onion, which has resulted in them maintaining their position of being at the forefront of the onion processing market.


the  onion


The onion is the bulb of a plant belonging to the liliaceae family and characterized by its long and cylindrical leaves. Depending on the amount of sun that it receives, the flavor of the onion will be stronger, spicy or softer. The sweetest are the ones grown in the sunniest climates. On the contrary, those that have been raised with less sun are the most spicy.

This bulb has a low caloric content contributing to the diet about 20 calories per 100 grams. Onion contains vitamin A, niacin (nicotinic acid) and vitamin B2.

Onion is a food of great interest for its contribution to a healthy and balanced diet. The high concentration of vitamins, mineral salts and energy properties in Spanish onions, are mainly due to two factors; the Mediterranean climate and the quality of the land of Spain.

Onion benefits:

Fights infectious processes of the digestive system and respiratory system.


Decreases allergic reactions caused by pollen.


It helps to reduce the level of blood sugar in diabetic people.


It helps to eliminate liquids.


It promotes digestion.


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