Eurocebollas stands out in the onion industry because since its creation in 1980, we have committed ourselves to constantly improve its LPU, which has provided it to maintain its position of being at the forefront of the onion processing market.

Ready-to-use Eurocebollas onions are peeled, cut into cubes of various sizes and cooked in their own juices for convenience. Onions have all their flavor and are ready to use, directly from the can or bag. They are a perfect complement to any prepared meal.


· The onion is 100% natural.

· Maintains the properties and high quality of the onion.

· Energy saving by packaging, as it allows you to store it at room temperature and with a shelf life of 18 months.

· Anti-bacterial packaging.

· 7 days of shelf life once opened.

· Stable price.



Eurocebollas is a supplier and manufacturer of frozen onion and can offer it, however, it recommends the cooked version of the product for manufacturers, food service or retail, since in the frozen onion the water tends to expand in the onion as when it is frozen a bottle of water.  


Frozen onions are definitely flaccid and weaker than fresh ones and also when cooked, frozen onion tends to disappear as it disintegrates. On the other hand, the transportation and storage costs of frozen onion should also be considered, since they are quite high compared to transport at room temperature.


Another disadvantage of frozen onion is its limited shelf life once defrosted, it oxidizes easily, it requires refrigeration and special conditions for its optimal preservation. In addition to its disintegration of particles during the cooking process.

Eurocebolla onions became a substitute for frozen onion, as they are peeled, diced and lightly fried for your convenience. Onions are cooked fresh and have all the flavor of homemade onions without clutter, clutter or tears. Ready to serve directly from the can / bag, they are a perfect complement to your favorite dishes, such as pasta, stews, risotto and quiches.

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